bottled kombucha

Easy Homemade Kombucha

This homemade kombucha recipe is perfect for beginners who are looking to try their hand at making their own kombucha. Save money and control the amount of sugar in your "booch" by trying this "brew it yourself" method.

Course Drinks
Keyword black tea, Fermented, green tea, kombucha, Probiotic, SCOBY, tea, white tea
Prep Time 30 minutes
Author Raina Cordell


  • 2 tea bags (white, black, green, or combo) or 1-2 tsp of loose leaf tea
  • 3 cups purified water fluoride and chlorine free
  • ¼ cup organic cane sugar
  • ½ cup brewed kombucha from a previous batch
  • 1 SCOBY


  1. Heat water to boiling then add tea and sugar to your brewing vessel, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Tea bags can be removed after ten minutes or left in for a stronger tea.

  2. Allow the sweet tea to cool to room temperature.

  3. Remove the tea bags or strain the loose leaf tea if you haven't already done so.

  4. Add the kombucha tea from a previous batch (you can use distilled vinegar if you don't have any).

  5. Add a kombucha SCOBY.

  6. Cover securely with a breathable lid (coffee filter, paper towel, cheesecloth) and a rubber band, being careful to prevent this from getting wet. Bugs are drawn to the vinegary smell so it is important to keep kombucha tightly covered.

  7. Place the kombucha in warm spot, out of direct sunlight and away from other ferments.

  8. Kombucha can be brewed for 7-30 days based on your taste preferences. It tends to brew faster in warmer temperatures and slower in cooler temperatures. Shorter brews create a sweeter taste and longer brews are more vinegary and acidic.

  9. Once your "booch" is done, prepare a new batch using some of the brewed kombucha from your first batch and carefully transfer the SCOBY using a plastic or wooden spoon. Avoid metal as this can damage the SCOBY.

  10. You can drink your kombucha, placed it in the fridge for later, or bottled for a second ferment. This is when you can add flavoring like fruit, herbs, or spices and create a soda like beverage.

  11. Grolsch-style bottles make great vessels for a second ferment since you need a tight lid (not the breathable type) this time.

  12. After you have added your flavors, fasten the lid and allow the mixture to sit for 2-10 days. Be sure to "burp" your bottles every couple of days to prevent too much pressure from building (and a big explosion).

  13. Enjoy!