Everything you need to know about vitamin k2

I found myself enthralled learning about vitamin K2 after I started to experience teeth sensitivity when drinking hot or cold beverages. My research into why this might be occurring led me down a rabbit hole – one that inevitably guided me into the fascinating world of vitamin K2. From a well functioning heart to strong … Read more

Exercise has been a touch and go topic for me for the past couple of decades. Sometimes I’ll get on a huge kick and get in incredible shape… and I usually maintain this level of fitness for a few months before something happens and I fall off. I mean REALLY fall off. But what’s interesting … Read more

1. Sleep More These days it seems like sleep is a luxury not many of us can afford. But while it’s easy to overlook, the importance of sleep shouldn’t be ignored. Sleep deprivation has been linked to impaired cognitive performance, reduced motivation and a greater risk of heart disease and stroke (1, 2). Try to … Read more

Mirrors are a nasty invention aren’t they? They allow us to see ourselves every day as time takes its wonderful toll upon us. We get to see every gray hair as it appears and witness the creation of every wrinkle as it carves its permanent appearance upon our hardened faces. Even writing that makes me … Read more

How to Get Your Child To Listen - A Dad's Perspective - Featured

GET DRESSED! WE HAVE TO GO! NOW! DID YOU HEAR ME?! NOW!!! Brilliant. That’s the key to getting your kids to listen, right? Just scream. Guilty! Been there, done that. I’m sure you have to. But it doesn’t work. If anything it makes the situation worse and causes more push back later. But sometimes we … Read more

Anxiety. That dreaded word. It’s all too prevalent in our world today. With work deadlines, raising kids, making financial ends meet and so on and so on… When suffering with anxiety you can feel completely out of control. Kind of like being in a high speed car about to have a head on collision and … Read more

7 Natural and Safe Remedies For Sore Throats and Coughs

Brr! Winter is right around the corner and with it comes nasty viruses. It seems like every year our family gets hit hard with several bouts of sickness – and the worst is sore throats and non-stop, dry coughs. But fortunately, there are several natural remedies available that have been proven to alleviate coughs and … Read more

Royal Berkley Water Filtration System Review

Sometimes it’s just time for a change. Our clunker of a water cooler finally bit the dust – it developed a leaky spout (with a little help from one of our kids, no doubt). And I’m not that much of a handy man so fixing the thing was out of the question. Buying a new … Read more