Five Free Ways to Lower EMFs in Your Home

EMF protection for your home

There’s a hidden toxin that few people are aware of: EMF (aka electromagnetic fields that emit radiation). It’s the cigarette of our generation – the wireless tech is cool, but its harmful effects (even cancer-causing) are just now being revealed. The problem is that it’s such a low-level, chronic exposure of radiation that we may … Read more

How to Make Detox Bath Bombs for Kids

DIY Detox Bath Bombs for Kids

In our home, we love detox baths! Taking a weekly detox bath has become part of our natural detox routine with our three children to keep their bodies healthy and their immune systems strong. We have used detox baths for our kids to kick colds and other viruses, to gently cool their bodies when fevers … Read more

The Top 6 Hidden Toxins Lurking in Your Home

The top 6 toxic chemicals lurking in your home

Toxins, toxins, toxins. When we hear the word “toxins,” we typically picture a tall smoke stack pumping out a grey, foul-smelling gas.  With so many sources of environmental pollution, it can be tempting to want to spend our days indoors to protect our families from harm. In fact, people living in developed countries typically spend … Read more

7 Cold Busting Detox Bath Recipes for Kids

7 Cold Busting Detox Bath Recipes for Kids

There is only one thing worse than waking up with the classic runny nose, sore throat, body aches, and chills that come with the classic cold…if you are a parent (or have ever been around sick children), you know exactly what I am about to say! The only thing worse than having a cold yourself … Read more

9 Shocking Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Women drinking water: Shocking Health Benefits of Drinking Water

As a Mom who is a bit on the “crunchy” side, I take pride in my little people’s self-directed health choices the same way most other Moms beam over soccer goals or ballet recitals. Take last night for example, when my 6 year old son asked me for a snack of plain celery which then … Read more