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12 Delicious Recipes for Raw Milk and Dairy

Our family followed the GAPS diet a few years ago, and during the process we learned a lot about the amazing benefits of Raw Dairy! If you follow a Ketogenic, Paleo, Primal, or other ancestral based diet (or if you simply are looking for an alternative to pasteurized dairy), then you may be interested in learning if raw dairy is right for you and your family.

12 Delicious Recipe for Raw Milk and Dairy

Raw dairy can come from cows, sheep, or goats and is best sourced from grass fed, organic animals. This superfood has some amazing health benefits and is easier to digest thanks to all of the live enzymes that are still intact.

Raw sheep and goat’s cheeses are the easiest to find, readily available at most health grocery chains and places like Whole Foods. Raw milk is a little harder to obtain thanks to unsubstantiated safety claims propagated by the FDA.  If your local health food store doesn’t carry raw dairy, try inquiring with your local Weston A. Price Chapter, contacting local farmers, or visiting a Farmer’s Market.

Once you do get your hands on some glass jugs of raw dairy, you can either choose to drink the milk rawor you can ferment the milk into yogurt, dairy, butter, ghee, or any of these delicious recipes listed below!

12 Delicious Recipes Using Raw Milk or Dairy:

  1. Raw Milk Kefir

If you have trouble digesting milk or dairy thanks to lactose intolerance, then this raw milk kefir recipe may be the perfect way for you to incorporate raw dairy into your diet! During the process of fermenting raw milk into kefir, the beneficial bacteria and enzymes consume most of the lactose. This means that you get all of the health benefits without the bloat!

Raw Dairy Milk Kefir in Glass Jar

Kefir has a slightly sour taste (this can range from mild to strong depending on how long you ferment), similar to yogurt and texture somewhere between buttermilk and runny yogurt.

You can either choose to drink the raw kefir plain, sweeten with a bit of honey or stevia, mix in fruit, or use it in a smoothie!

Click here to try this recipe by Elizabeth at The Nourished Life!

  1. Raw Milk Yogurt

    Raw milk yogurt with raspberries on top

When it comes to making homemade yogurt, the options are endless! You can culture using a previous homemade batch, store-bought yogurt, a single use starter culture, or even powdered probiotics.

If you don’t own a yogurt maker, have no fear! Yogurt can be made in an oven, crock-pot, or your trusty Instant Pot (this one even has a yogurt button).

Enjoy your yogurt plain, or add some flavor with pure vanilla, honey, fresh fruit, or even a drop or two of essential oils.

Click here to try this recipe on Cultures for Health!

  1. Organic Raw Cream Cheese

 Making raw cream cheese is actually a lot simpler than you might imagine. Just think about the bragging rights you’d have at your next party when you serve up a cheesecake made with homemade cream cheese. And lets not forget things like bagels with cream cheese and lox, sprouted bread with some cream cheese and strawberries, or even as a delicious frosting for a healthy carrot cake.

Raw cream cheese with crackers

Similar to yogurt, there are several options when it comes to making cream cheese, depending on if you are using milk that is fresh or milk that has already soured. You’ll want to stock up on some cheesecloth, since you’ll be using this to strain out the whey. Whatever you do, don’t throw that whey away! You can use it to make other ferments, in recipes, or to soak things like grains for easier digestion!

Click here to try this recipe by Halle at Whole Lifestyle Nutrition!

  1. Homemade Raw Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

 Raw dairy chocolate ice cream

Now we are talking! I know, I had you at chocolate. This is one recipe you may want to make a double batch of…one for you and one for your family. The best part about this ice cream is that it actually is full of live probiotics and other vitamins and minerals, so you can feel good about feeding this one to your kids knowing it is a healthy treat for them to indulge in.

This recipe calls for raw milk, raw cream, and either homemade kefir or yogurt. You’ll also need a yogurt maker to churn your creation! Adding a splash of vodka to the recipe also helps to prevent freezer burn if you plan on storing any leftovers after making (not likely).

Once you’ve mastered this recipe, feel free to swap out the cocoa powder and create your own delicious flavors. Salted caramel, strawberry, pecan? The options are endless!

Click here to try this recipe by Valeria at Beets and Bones!

  1. Cultured Butter

Cultured butter is simply butter that is made from raw milk that still has all of its good, live bacteria. This is a probiotic rich food that is full of healthy vitamins like A and D as well as healthy fats (especially if your raw dairy comes from grass-fed cows).

You’ll need some cheesecloth for this recipe and it helps to have a butter mold to store your creation in (although natural food paper works too).

Raw butter from grass-fed cow

You can either churn your butter using an electric mixer, a handheld mixer, or you can choose the old fashioned way by shaking it in a jar. I prefer the latter since it gives me a nice arm workout and my kids love helping to shake the jars too!

Try adding in some dried or fresh herbs for a delicious butter that you can use in all sorts of different recipes (or simple to add some extra flavor to veggies).

Click here to try this recipe by Tiffany at The Healthy Honeys!

  1. Homemade Ghee

Once you’ve mastered cultured butter, you’re ready to try your hand at making homemade Ghee!

What is Ghee? It is a form of clarified butter, made by cooking butter to separate out all of the milk solids. This leaves a version of butter that has much less lactose and milk proteins, making it easier to digest for people who have allergies or sensitivities to these ingredients.

You can use it to replace butter in recipes, and since it has a higher smoking point than regular butter, it is ideal for sautéing and frying. Ghee is even used in Ayurveda medicine to make herbal ointments and for treating skin conditions like burns and rashes.

Click here to try this recipe by Radhika at Food for Seven Stages of Life

  1. Homemade Grass Fed Raw Milk Mozzarella

If you are a cheese lover, then I am sure Mozzarella is one of your favorites. Most kids adore the ooey gooey texture this milder cheese provides.

Raw dairy mozzarella

This is a great cheese to try on a pizza, in lasagna, in a salad with some grape tomatoes, or in quiche!

Making cheese may seen intimidating, but it is actually quite simple and a lot of fun! There is nothing more rewarding than being able to indulge in your very own creation!

Click here to try this recipe by Anthony at Eat Up! Kitchen!

  1. Raw Milk Greek Yogurt

Raw dairy greek yogurt with berries

Move on over yogurt…make way for your thicker, higher protein counterpart. Greek yogurt is becoming very popular thanks to its greater concentration of nutrients like protein and other vitamins.

Made by straining the liquid (whey) portion of regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is ultra thick and delicious. This thicker consistency makes it a perfect substitute for butter, sour cream, or mayo in other recipes.

Enjoy it plain, topped with some honey or fruit, or as a topping on pancakes, a baked potato, or your favorite curry.

Click here to try this recipe by Paula at Salad in a Jar!

  1. Frozen Yogurt

I grew up on TCBY frozen yogurt. Since I was a little girl, this frozen treat was my favorite dessert year round. To this day, I still hold a special place in my heart for every Pinkberry and Menchies chain that I dive past!

These fun flavored varieties may be able to claim some probiotics, but I would hardly call them healthy thanks to many additives and loads of sugar!Raw dairy frozen yogurt

Luckily, this delicious frozen yogurt recipe is made from plain, homemade yogurt (try one of the recipes above for either regular or Greek yogurt). Packed with lots of protein, vitamins, calcium, and probiotics, this is one frozen treat you can feel good about serving your little ones!

Click here to try this recipe by Jill at The Prairie Homestead!

  1. Perfect Panna Cotta

    Raw dairy panna cotta

Speaking of yummy desserts, have you ever tried Panna Cotta? It is such a quick and easy recipe to try, using either raw cream or yet again more homemade yogurt (you’ll be thankful you have an Instant Pot with the built in yogurt button for all of these batches you’ll be making).

This recipe calls for gelatin (I love this grass-fed version), a superfood on its own. Gelatin is a natural thickener, but has some extremely beneficial properties…especially for gut health!

Top off this summertime treat with some fresh berries and mint, and you’ll have everyone begging for seconds!

Click here to try this recipe by Kresha at Nourishing Joy!

  1. Healthy Probiotic Frosting

Raw dairy probiotic frosting

I couldn’t resist including this recipe for a healthier frosting that is low in sugar and rich in probiotics. This one is sure to please children and adults alike.

This frosting calls for yogurt cheese, which is basically Greek yogurt that is strained until ALL of the liquid whey has dripped off. This thick base is then mixed with almond extract and sweetened with maple syrup to create the perfect flavor.

Use this delicious topping on your favorite birthday cake, cupcakes, or cookies!

Click here to try this recipe by Katie at Kitchen Stewardship!

  1. Homemade Naturally Flavored Coffee Creamers

Raw dairy coffee creamer

I am pretty addicted to my homemade matcha (green tea) lattes, but I do also have a special place in my heart (and tastebuds) for coffee. After all, I am a sleep deprived work-at-home Mama with three children who are allergic to sleeping.

While Starbucks may offer up some very delicious sounding javas, I simply cannot justify spending $7 on a single beverage (not to mention the sugar content).

The good news is that making your own flavored coffee creamers can be as easy as mixing together 3-4 simple ingredients that will keep in your fridge for up to 10 days. As an added bonus, you’ll be saving tons of money!

With flavor options like vanilla, French toast, caramel, and lavender, you can enjoy a healthier alternative without sacrificing on taste.

Click here to try this recipe by Nina Nelson on DIY Natural!

Which of these 12 delicious recipes for raw milk and dairy are you most excited to try? Leave a comment below and let us know!







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