The Top 20 Healthy Kid-Friendly Instant Pot Recipes

20 Healthy Kid Friendly Instant Pot Recipes

I’m kind of a made from scratch girl. Not always by choice. Some days I wish I could just grab something pre-made to save myself the stress and time, but alas that will never be the case. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and mostly grain-free prepared foods just don’t exist, and if they did I’m certain they’d cost … Read more

10 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immune System This Cold and Flu Season

10 ways to boost Your child's immune system

I can honestly say that last winter was one of the hardest seasons I’ve ever lived through. I’ve been through a lot in my life, but nothing could have prepared me for that. It was so bad that our family finally said “enough is enough,” packed our bags and headed south…for good!  Let me back … Read more

The Essential Guide to CBD for Autism and ADHD

The Essential Guide to CBD for Autism and ADHD

When all of the hoopla with CBD oil began, I remember vowing to myself, “I will NOT give my child marijuana.” Fast forward eighteen long months and a whole lot of trial and error with improving our son’s behavior, and I found myself holding our first tiny bottle of full-spectrum hemp oil. It took a … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Kombucha

The Beginner's Guide to Kombucha

I’ve often been told that my kitchen looks somewhat like a science lab with odd concoctions brewing on my counters.  Many people recognize things like sauerkraut and pickles, but the one that I get the most questions about is kombucha. Is it a mushroom? Is it Jello? Is it an alien?! It may look like something out … Read more

8 Back to School Solutions for Sensory Issues in Children

8 Back to School Tips for Kids with Sensory Processing Needs

The clock read 4:59 AM, taunting me with the fact that I still had one solemn minute before it would begin its blaring BEEP BEEP BEEP. I often wake just before my alarm, but this time I could sense something different. As I blearily rubbed my eyes, adjusting to the dark, I realized there was a … Read more

The Best Natural Supplements for ADHD and Autism

10 natural supplements for Autism and ADHD

When our oldest son was born, we had all of the same hopes and dreams that most parents have for their children. Would he grow up to be a doctor, a lawyer, a musician, or a chef? We dreamed of little league games, piano recitals, trips to Disneyworld, and more. Like all new parents, none … Read more

How to Create a Sensory Activities Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Long before our son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, we already knew he had some pretty major sensory processing issues. Like many other kids who struggle with sensory processing, our son had some major sensory seeking and sensory avoiding behaviors. Out of desperation to control his behavior and help him with emotional regulation, we stumbled across … Read more

Easy Homemade Calming Magnesium Lotion

Calming Magnesium Lotion

I’ve talked before about the amazing health benefits of magnesium. This tiny powerhouse controls over 300 different functions in the human body, including bone health, mental health, heart health, and so much more. The problem is, most of us aren’t getting enough magnesium in our diet. Unless you are eating 100% organic and choosing foods … Read more