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Back to School Uniforms for Kids – My Review of French Toast

French Toast Uniforms for Kids

It’s that time of year again—back to school! Whether your kids are going back to school in person (lucky you), are attending “virtual classrooms,” or will be homeschooling, they’re going to need something to wear! I don’t know about your kids, but mine seem to have grown like weeds over the summer months. There must be something about this southern sunshine and salty beach air!

My kids attend a public charter school where they wear uniforms and I absolutely LOVE that. It makes things so much easier because everyone is wearing the same things. (Not to mention how quick and easy it is for them to get dressing in the mornings). Thanks to COVID-19, they’ll only be going back part-time. Like many other schools around the country, they’ll be going one week and learning from home the next.

Usually, the start of the school year means spending a small fortune on new uniforms, but this year, I decided to shop around. I was lucky enough to find a brand that sells high-quality uniforms and play clothes for kids at a fraction of the cost of other stores. Win-win! Now, my kids will be ready for the weeks at school and at home.

Why French Toast?

French Toast Uniforms

French Toast is a children’s clothing line that was founded in 1985 after the owners saw a need for affordable uniforms across the country. According to the company:

French Toast is schoolwear made for kids to shine. We are a schoolwear brand on a mission to connect with the next generation of kids we outfit, schools we serve and parents we partner with.

The brand carries everything from polos and dress shirts to pants and shorts. They partner with many schools to include school-specific branding and logos but all of the clothing is available plain too. They have multiple colors and sizes to choose from and right now, they’re offering a free mask with every purchase!

French Toast Uniforms

Our Experience With French Toast

I was very impressed with the selection and styles of uniforms available for my kids. French Toast had all of the colors and sizes we needed for their uniforms with many styles to choose from. My daughter especially loved that she could choose matching hair accessories to go with her uniforms.

French Toast Uniforms

We also got some items for our youngest who isn’t in school and some gym and play clothes for the older kids.

French Toast Uniforms

Everything was high quality and easy to clean. I loved that some of their best selling items even come in multi-packs so you can save on bundles of matching tops and bottoms.

Final Thoughts

French Toast Uniforms

Overall, I was very impressed with French Toast. I am so happy to have found an option that is high quality and affordable. I know this will save me so much money buying clothing for my kids, and I feel good about buying from a company that believes that uniforms shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! The brand impressed me by including a free mask and they’ve even created a free online hub with digital at-home learning for kids. If you’re looking for school wear, be it uniforms or clothing for at home, French Toast is one virtual shopping stop that’s worth making!

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