How to Make Detox Bath Bombs for Kids

DIY Detox Bath Bombs for Kids

In our home, we love detox baths! Taking a weekly detox bath has become part of our natural detox routine with our three children to keep their bodies healthy and their immune systems strong. We have used detox baths for our kids to kick colds and other viruses, to gently cool their bodies when fevers … Read more

Gluten Free Dairy Free Blueberry Scones

Gluten Free Dairy Free Blueberry Scones

Who doesn’t love breakfast? I would eat breakfast three times a day if I could. I especially love biscuits and scones. There is just something about their tender, flaky texture that just melts in your mouth. Being a gluten free, dairy free and generally Paleo family has meant I have had to be very creative … Read more

This Is How 11 Powerful Minutes Help Improve Emotional Regulation

Exercise has been a touch and go topic for me for the past couple of decades. Sometimes I’ll get on a huge kick and get in incredible shape… and I usually maintain this level of fitness for a few months before something happens and I fall off. I mean REALLY fall off. But what’s interesting … Read more

15 Healthier Treats Without Artificial Food Dye

15 Healthier Treats without Artificial Food Dye

What do juice boxes, fruit snacks, whole wheat bread, salad dressing, microwave popcorn, granola bars, yogurt, and cereal all have in common? No, this isn’t a healthy grocery list (although many people commonly mistake these foods as healthy). All of these foods commonly have artificial food color as one of their ingredients. Don’t believe me? … Read more

The Story of Our Son’s Autism Diagnosis at Age 6

Our son's autism diagnosis story

Our oldest son has Autism. His diagnosis read “moderate autism,” but we consider him to be “high functioning” and more in line with what used to be called Asperger’s Syndrome (although that label is no longer used). He was diagnosed at age 6, just one month shy of his 7thbirthday. Looking back, there were signs … Read more

How to Make a Weighted Teddy Bear for Calming Emotions

How to Make a Weighted Stuffed Animal for Calming Emotions

Our six year old son was recently diagnosed with Autism, and we have been learning all we can to best support him. We’ve come a long way in learning how to help him during sensory meltdowns, managing angry outburst using a calm down kit, and removing foods than can make autism symptoms worse from his … Read more

The Hidden Ingredient Behind Your Child’s Behavior (Hint: It isn’t Sugar)

Hidden Ingredients Behind Childhood Behavior

It was Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to do something special for breakfast to surprise my kids. I had been up late the night before getting fun ideas off of Pinterest, and finally settled on making red, heart shaped pancakes. One of our family traditions is to have pancakes every Saturday morning, and I usually … Read more

Peaceful Child Diffuser Blends to Help Calm Anger and Reduce Anxiety

Peaceful Child Diffuser Blends

As a parent of 3 children who all struggle with emotional regulation, peace is something I am always longing for. Our days often feel like we go from managing one meltdown, explosion, or angry outburst after the next.  Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good your parenting is…there is simply nothing you can do to prevent … Read more